Cortex-A57 Processor

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The ARM Cortex-A57 processor is a proven, high-performance 32-bit and 64-bit core. It was designed to extend the capabilities of mobile and enterprise computing applications including compute-intensive 64-bit applications such as high-end computer, tablet and server products.

The processor’s advanced performance characteristics open it up to an extremely wide range of applications, delivering high-efficiency solutions in servers, and defining user experience in tablet and high-end smartphones.

The processor can be implemented individually or paired with the Cortex-A53 processor in an ARM big.LITTLE™ configuration that enables scalable performance and optimal energy-efficiency. It is supported by a range of optimized IP targeted at designing the most efficient complete ARM-based devices. ARM Mali™ processors support all graphics, video and display demands, ARM POP™ IP solutions deliver an accelerated time-to-market, and optimized System IP provides the interconnect and peripheral components.


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Consumer products have demanded increasingly more performance from their processors over the last few years and this led us to design the Cortex-A57 processor. Smartphones are transitioning from content consumption devices to content creation devices. Now that smartphones are able to capture high-quality video and photographs, consumers want to edit and share this content, driving the need for further processing power delivered by the Cortex-A57 processor. Content creation is not limited to multimedia, but also documents.

A Cortex-A57 processor-based smartphone, wirelessly connected to a screen, keyboard and mouse, delivers a full laptop experience that consumers receive from their typical laptop today. It can deliver all the compute capability a typical consumer needs both today and in next generation devices. The processor also runs legacy ARM 32-bit applications, ensuring the continuity of the ARM ecosystem.

The Cortex-A57 processor features cache coherent interoperability with ARM Mali family graphics processing units (GPUs) for GPU compute applications. It also has a range of optional reliability and scalability features to enable usage in high-performance enterprise applications, and connects seamlessly to ARM interconnect IP with up to 16 core configurations now, and more in the future.

ARM’s big.LITTLE technology means the Cortex-A57 processor can be paired with the architecturally aligned Cortex-A53 processor to create processing clusters which optimize power consumption in consumer devices. The technology automatically assigns high-performance tasks to the Cortex-A57 processor (big), and assigns the more frequent, low-power tasks to the Cortex-A53 processor (LITTLE).


The Cortex-A57 is designed for use in a range of devices which require the highest performance in ARM's low-power architecture.

Key target markets include:

  • Premium smartphones
  • Enterprise servers
  • Home server
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Digital TV


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