Cortex-A15 Processor

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The ARM Cortex-A15 processor is the proven high-performance engine for highly connected devices, delivering unprecedented flexibility and processing capability.

The processor is designed with advanced power reduction techniques as well as reliability features which make the Cortex-A15 ideal for networking infrastructure and other enterprise applications. The Cortex-A15 processor is architecturally aligned with the Cortex-A7 processor, enabling next-generation devices based on big.LITTLE™ technology.

The Cortex-A15 processor is supported by a suite of optimized IP targeted at high-end solutions bringing premium performance in a mobile power envelope. ARM Mali™ high-end graphics processors support advanced graphics performance, with the Mali-V500 and Mali-DP500 processors providing display and video capabilities respectively. The ARM interconnect and memory controller IP addresses the critical challenge of efficiently moving and storing data between multiple Cortex-A15 processors, high-performance media processors and dynamic memories to optimize the system performance and power consumption of the SoC.


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The ARM Cortex-A15 processor is proven in a range of different markets and is an increasingly popular choice in networking infrastructure, delivering high-performance processing capability combined with low power consumption. In mobile configurations, the Cortex-A15 processor delivers twice the performance of smartphones based on the Cortex-A9 processor. In advanced infrastructure applications, a Cortex-A15 processor running at up to 2.5GHz enables highly scalable solutions within constantly shrinking energy, thermal and cost budgets.

To achieve the very best performance, the Cortex-A15 processor has a multi-issue, out-of-order superscalar pipeline with a tightly-coupled low-latency, ECC-protected, L2 cache which can be up to 4MB in size. Large Physical Address Extensions (LPAE) enable the Cortex-A15 to address up to 1TB of physical memory, meaning it can meet the needs of server and networking applications. The Cortex-A15 processor is the first ARM processor to incorporate highly efficient hardware support for data management and the arbitration of virtualized software environments and their applications to simultaneously access the system capabilities. This enables the realization of devices that are robust, with virtual environments that are isolated from each other.

World-class performance leadership is brought to a new level with ARM's unique big.LITTLE technology. A big.LITTLE configuration pairs a high-performance core like the Cortex-A15 processor with a power-optimized companion core like the Cortex-A7 using a fabric such as Corelink™ CCI-400 or the new CoreLink CCI-500. Tasks are then instantaneously assigned to a processor by the big.LITTLE technology based on the computational requirement, with demanding tasks undertaken by the big Cortex-A15 processor. This pairing solves the contradictory challenges of increasing performance while increasing battery life, by ensuring that the right processor core is assigned to the right task.


The Cortex-A15 processor is the engine that powers not just smartphones but also the infrastructure that they rely on. From servers to networking to your high-end digital home entertainment systems, the Cortex-A15 processor is the right solution for a very diverse set of solutions.

Key target markets include:

  • Low-power servers
  • Advanced smartphones
  • Mobile computing
  • High-end digital home entertainment
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Automotive


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