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The ARM Artisan® ECO Kits provide customers with the ability to make minor changes to their logic with only metal changes. Using the Artisan ECO Kit can save time and money when it comes to minor silicon respins. Implementation of a wide variety of cell types, including complex and sequential cells, using the structures of provided filler cells with metal one changes only, limits the number of masks that need to be recreated.

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The ARM Artisan® ECO Kit enables cost effective and fast functional changes without penalty in Logic IP.

Today's multimillion gate deep sub-micron SoC designs contain functionality only seen in entire systems just a few years ago. With the increase of functionality, the probability of functional changes increases too. In parallel, mask production cost have exploded, making functional changes extremely expensive. The Artisan ECO kits, containing metal programmable standard cells and logic functions, reduce design cost while enabling functional changes. By using ECO cells in place of filler cells, designers can add this option with no additional speed or area penalty.

Features include:

  • Reduced mask cost through the reuse of a large number of existing masks

  • Fast and cost effective turnaround time for design re-spins with functional changes through the ability to use pre-fabricated wafers held prior to metallization

Zero performance, area or power loss with ECO filler cells vs. normal fill cells.
  • ECO kit can be used for any type of design

  • Performance numbers compare to optimized cells*
    • ECO NAND2 on average 30% larger
    • Performance of an ECO NAND2 can be the same or sometimes even faster

  • No limitations in number of ECO cells used
    • Random replacement of standard filler cells with ECO filler cells
    • Placement of ECO fill cells in dedicated areas of chip

        *process dependent

Large cells set to support ECO changes for any design type.
  • About 80 cells and 35 functions
    • Simple cells like inverter, buffer, NAND, AND, OR and NOR
    • Complex combinatorial cells like AND/OR, OR/AND, and XOR/NOR gates
    • Multiplexers
    • Latches
    • Scan flip-flops
    • Layout finishing cells
    • ECO fabric cells with and without fill capacitance capabilities

  • Multi-Vdd characterization

ARM ECO Kit Logic IP is ideal for use with ARM Standard Cell Libraries and complex SoC designs that require multiple types of IP across the design. In addition to ECO Kit IP, ARM offers a wide variety of  highly tuned processor to pads IP including ARM Processor, Multimedia, System and Physical IP, fully compatible to work together to optimize your SoC design.

Visit DesignStart to find ARM IP solutions for your SoC and start designing today.

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You may view ARM ECO Kits and other Physical IP products in DesignStart. Registered users of DesignStart can download Front-End Packages for all products that enable a comprehensive IP evaluation including place and route. DesignStart also includes access to technical documentation, including Datasheets and Application Notes.

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