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ARM® General Purpose I/O libraries include a comprehensive cell set targeted to meet the critical performance, power, area, and reliability requirements for today’s system-on-a-chip designs. Offering the industry’s most extensive functionality, the ARM I/O provides flexibility to configure interface for a broad range of applications.

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General Purpose I/O solutions provide general purpose digital and analog input / output functions most required for SoC designs. Supporting wire bond, flip-chip and other configurations, ARM General Purpose I/O solutions are foundry and process optimized delivering optimal performance, power and area.
General Purpose I/O Key Benefits
  • Fully programmable features and voltage domain support
  • Optimal interface solutions for ARM based SoC to ensuring high flexibility in implementation for area, power and performance optimization
  • Higher margins delivered thru smaller die area, lower power and flexibility in packaging
  • Time To Market advantage leveraging broadest EDA views, silicon proven technology and manufacturing flexibility
  • Lowest risk solutions with a long history of high volume production backed by an experienced support team.               

ARM GPIO Libraries are available from the latest 28nm nodes to established 250nm nodes. These are “best in class” libraries based on architectural analysis by experts in leading-edge processes and design styles.

The libraries include a comprehensive cellset to allow for successful implementation of a robust pad ring on your next ARM core design. The GPIO offers a wide performance range for all types of applications from low speed/low current drive to high performance high loaded systems. Ability to address the low power dense applications and allowing the choice in packaging create compelling competing solutions for broad ranges of SoC price points.   

ARM has a successful history of library development and takes the forefront in cooperation with foundries, customers and EDA vendors. Such alignment, across key disciplines within the industry, results in continuous improvements in cell sets, architecture and modeling, all proven in thousands of designs.

ARM GPIO Libraries, used for ultra-low power applications in the kHz range up to multiple hundreds of MHz in performance, are targeted to specific process node and foundry. The designs ensure the extraction of the most performance of the design, ensuring robust operation.  

Designed to meet a wide range of process, voltage and temperature conditions, the ARM GPIO libraries, verified in our silicon test chip, ensure correlation between simulation models and ensure full functionality. 

  • Multi-voltage I/O supply ranging from 1.2V-3.6V
  • Operating speed in excess of 150MHz
  • Robust ESD structures 2000V HBM and 200V MM
  • Low Leakage control sub 10uA
  • Tight skew specs & Minimum propagation delays
  • Area Optimized to reduce chip size


  • Fully programmable
    • Voltage Levels
    • Current drive
    • Slew Rates
    • Pull-up & Pull-down
  • ESD Tolerance 2000HBM  200MM
  • Comprehensive support power cells
  • Analog input & Oscillator cells


  • 3.3V Tolerant option
  • Fail-safe option
  • Low VDDmin
  • Advanced Retention modes
  • Flip Chip or Wirebond support
  • Pad Limited or Core Limited Layout

ARM General Purpose I/O  may be used in complex SoC designs that require flexibility and rich featured interface IP. In addition to Interface IP, ARM offers a wide variety of compatible IP including ARM Processor, Multimedia, System and Physical IP, with which to develop your SoC.

Visit DesignStart to find ARM IP solutions for your SoC and start designing today.

ARM Physical IP   ARM Processor IP   ARM System IP   ARM Multimedia IP  
Specialty I/O Cortex-A9 Peripherals Mali-400
Logic Cortex-A15/A7 System Controllers Mali-200
Embedded Memory Cortex-A12 Interconnect Mali T6XX series
POP IP Cortex-A50 series Debug & Trace IP


You can view ARM General Purpose IO and other Physical IP products in DesignStart. Registered users of Design Start can download Front-End Packages for all products that enable a comprehensive IP evaluation including place and route. DesignStart also includes access to technical documentation, including Datasheets and Application Notes.

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