The ARM® Mali-V550 is the second generation of video processors from ARM and adds valuable new functionality to the original Mali-V500 feature set while maintaining the all-important low area, low energy consumption and secure content delivery. It has extended its video codec support to include HEVC, ensuring that end devices are able to lengthen their battery lives through hardware acceleration support of this latest codec. Furthermore, it is the first video IP solution to offer a multi-standard codec, including HEVC, for both encode and decode on a single core. To increase bandwidth and energy efficiency, it has maintained support for energy saving features such as AFBC.

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As video traffic increases and its impact on network bandwidth grows, consumer devices are required to support new video codec standards that reduce bit rate while maintaining the same visual quality. The Mali-V550 tightly integrates the latest standards, including 8 and 10-bit HEVC decode and an 8-bit HEVC encode compliant bit stream, to ensure that end users and networks are able to benefit from these new innovations. Meanwhile it maintains area leadership by combining encode and decode functionality on each core and maximizing re-use across all codecs.

Similar to the Mali-V500, the Mali-V550 is scalable from a single core capable of 1080p60 to 4K120 pixel throughput*. Equally it includes support for TrustZone Media Protection as standard, ensuring that users are able to view high quality protected content on any Mali-V550 based device.

Furthermore, when designing an ARM-based SoC with an ARM® Cortex® CPU and ARM Mali GPU, Video and Display Processors, the Android driver for each processor works efficiently together. This optimized Android multimedia stack removes the challenge of integrating and optimizing processors from different suppliers and simplifies the task of supporting regular Android updates. By taking advantage of ARM’s pre-optimized software, partners can focus on differentiating their solutions and bring their product to market sooner.

* 'pixel throughput’ means the total amount of video content that can be processed on a core or group of cores: so a single core with 1080p60 capability could be made up by two 1080p30 video streams, or four 720p30 streams, etc. The streams can be handled independently, so can encode or decode any codecs supported.


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