Mali-T860 & Mali-T880

The Mali-T860 & Mali-T880 are the highest performing and most energy-efficient mobile GPUs in the Mali family. They bring complex graphics use-cases, such as advanced gaming, to high-end mobile devices. Additionally, the Mali GPU family enables stunning visuals for UHD content. The Mali-T860 & Mali-T880 GPUs are scalable from one to sixteen cores and deliver up to 1.8 times more performance and as much as 40% more energy efficiency when compared to Mali-T760 GPU-based devices.


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As the complexity of 3D mobile graphics content continues to increase, so too must the computational capabilities of high-end GPUs. This is essential to deliver the latest games and applications to end-users within the power and thermal limitations of mobile devices. The Mali-T860 and Mali-T880 are scalable from one to sixteen cores and include new features and optimizations within their micro-architecture, such as higher arithmetic throughput to better handle both casual and complex content. Other examples include quad prioritization delivering enhanced performance for UI and casual content as well as enhanced Forward Pixel Kill that improves performance for more advanced use cases by eliminating redundant work early in the pipeline. Mali-T880 further improves performance for advanced content with the inclusion of an additional arithmetic pipeline allowing for greater computational throughput.

ARM Mali-T880

The critical characteristic of a high-end mobile GPU is the ability to deliver the extra computational performance needed without draining the battery or exceeding the thermal budget of the device. The Mali-T860 & Mali-T880 are designed to deliver the best performance with the lowest energy consumption. In addition to numerous microarchitecture optimizations, these GPUs incorporate bandwidth reduction technologies such as AFBC, Smart Composition and Transaction Elimination. In all, the Mali-T860 & Mali-T880 have 1.8 times more performance and are up to 40% more energy efficient when compared to 2014 Mali-T760 GPU-based devices.

The Mali-T860 & Mali-T880 graphics processors provide an ideal accompaniment to the Mali-DP550 display processor and Mali-V550 video processor to address the requirements of the increasingly 4K DTV and STB markets. Native 10-bit YUV support enables high fidelity 4K displays without the need to perform intermediate conversions in software. This support ensures that the multimedia system delivers quality, high-resolution images at lower bandwidth levels. In premium device configurations, the Mali-V550 VPU fully supports HEVC to deliver compressed HD video at lower bit rates. In addition, it offers scalability up to 4K120 with its full eight cores. The Mali-DP550 DPU offers enhanced capabilities for offloading tasks such as composition, scaling, rotation and image post-processing from the GPU in order to maximize device battery life. The suite of Mali Media IP supports TrustZone media protection in premium device configurations thereby enabling a secure video path for premium 4K content.

The Mali-T860 & Mali-T880 GPUs deliver I/O Coherency through AMBA4 Ace-Lite interface support. The benefits of hardware coherency include decreased bandwidth, lower power consumption, simplification of software drivers and lower latency access to data shared between CPU and GPU.

The ARM Mali-T860 & Mali-T880 GPUs offer full support for current and next generation APIs, enabling advanced 3D graphics acceleration and GPU Compute functionality. This includes support for the Khronos OpenGL ES 3.2*, 3.1/2.0/1.1, Vulkan 1.0* and OpenCL 1.1/1.2* Full Profile APIs. Additionally support is provided for the Android Extension Pack, Android Renderscript  and Microsoft Windows DirectX11 FL11_2. These APIs are fully supported by proven Mali GPU DDKs, which are provided under a standard ARM commercial license to all Mali GPU customers, ensuring a simple transition to the Mali-T860 and Mali-T880 from previous generations of Midgard GPUs.

Furthermore, when designing an ARM-based SoC with an ARM Cortex CPU and ARM Mali GPU, Video and Display Processors, the Android driver for each processor is designed to efficiently work together. This optimized Android multimedia stack removes the challenge of integrating and optimizing processors from different suppliers and simplifies the task of supporting regular Android updates. By taking advantage of ARM’s pre-optimized software, partners can focus on differentiating their solutions and bring their product to market sooner. ARM POP IP for the Mali-T880 is available to further decrease time to market.

ARM POP IP is core-hardening acceleration technology for producing the best ARM processor implementations in the fastest time and with the flexibility to optimize for maximum performance, lowest power, or any combination in between.

*Product is based on a published Khronos Specification, and is expected to pass the Khronos Conformance Testing Process. Current conformance status can be found at www.khronos.org/conformance


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