The ARM® Mali-T720 GPU is the first offering in the Cost Efficient GPU series which has its origins in the Midgard Architecture. It is an extremely area-efficient GPU designed specifically to bring high quality, energy efficient GPU Compute graphics features to the low- to mid- range Android mobile market. With a reduced die-area and simplified layout compared to the ARM Mali-T600 series, the ARM Mali-T720 GPU proposes a significantly decreased time-to-market without compromising on graphical performance.

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The Mali-T720 is a cost-optimized GPU designed to bring Compute functionality to low and mid-range smartphones, tablets and DTVs built around either Android or Linux. The Mali-T720 GPU increases energy efficiency by 150% and graphics performance by more than 50% over previous Mali cost-optimized, mid-range graphics processors.

Advancements to the Midgard family’s routing density, top-level layout and layering have significantly reduced the Mali-T720 GPU’s die-area, implementation effort and cost, making it the ideal GPU for the fast-moving entry-level smartphone market where low-cost and time -to -market are essential for success. Targeted specifically at the Android market, the Mali-T720 GPU simplifies implementation effort even further by offering optimized API support for OpenGL® ES 3.1/3.0/2.0/1.1, OpenCL 1.2/1.1 Full Profile and RenderScript.

It maintains compatibility with software development assets of the Midgard architecture including the trusted and stable ARM Mali GPU DDK, which is provided under the standard ARM commercial licence to all ARM Mali GPU customers.

ARM POP IP for the Mali-T720 can be made available to further decrease time to market and improve the dependability of your product. ARM POP IP is core-hardening acceleration technology for producing the best ARM processor implementations in the fastest time to market with the flexibility to optimize for maximum performance, lowest power, or any combination in between.


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