Building on the feature set of the ARM® Mali-DP500, the Mali-DP550 display processor offers enhanced capabilities for offloading tasks such as composition, scaling, rotation and image post-processing from the GPU in order to save power. Within a very small silicon area and at low energy consumption, the Mali-DP550 adds support for up to seven display layer composition and includes energy efficient technologies such as AFBC. In addition, its co-processor interface enables third parties to incorporate their own display IP in the Mali-DP550 display pipeline.

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The Mali-DP550 enhances the capabilities of the Mali-DP500, offering a wide range of post-processing features such as rotation, scaling and image enhancement, support for resolutions up to 4K2K, energy saving technologies such as AFBC and secure technologies such as ARM® TrustZone®. The Mali-DP550 adds support for composition of up to seven display layers and its co-processor interface enables third party IP to be added to the display pipeline, allowing for differentiation. 

The Mali-DP550 comes with the intelligent Mali Display DDK. The Mali Display DDK utilizes unique architectural features in Mali GPU and Mali Video IP, such as AFBC, and makes smart decisions about when and how to offload tasks from the GPU in order to maximize the battery life of the device. Furthermore, when designing an ARM-based SoC with an ARM Cortex® CPU and ARM Mali GPU, Video and Display Processors, the Android driver for each processor works efficiently together. This optimized Android multimedia stack removes the challenge of integrating and optimizing processors from different suppliers and simplifies the task of supporting regular Android updates. By taking advantage of ARM’s pre-optimized software, partners can focus on differentiating their solutions and bring their product to market sooner.


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