The ARM® Mali-DP500 offers an extensive range of functionality, including composition, rotation and scaling, within a very small die area. By processing tasks offloaded from the GPU and through its support for ARM Frame Buffer Compression (AFBC) it is able to considerably lower system-wide power consumption. With compatibility for ARM TrustZone® technology, the ARM Mali-DP500 secures the display path for use cases such as mobile payment and video playback. When an ARM Mali-DP500 is implemented in a complete ARM-based SoC, the Android driver for each processor will, by design, work together extremely efficiently; this highly optimized multimedia software stack significantly reduces implementation effort while at the same time delivering best in class performance and maximized power efficiency.

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When ARM supplies an ARM Mali-DP500, we supply the intelligent ARM Mali Display DDK as well. The ARM Mali Display DDK utilizes unique architectural features in ARM Mali GPU and Video IP and makes smart decisions about when and how to offload tasks from the GPU in order to maximize the battery life of the device. When designing an ARM-based SoC with an ARM Cortex® CPU and ARM Mali GPUVideo and Display, each processor’s Android driver will work efficiently with any of the other drivers straight out of the box. This optimized Android multimedia software stack addresses universally resource-consuming challenges such as integrating and optimizing processors from different suppliers or supporting regular Android updates. By taking advantage of ARM’s pre-optimized software stack, partners have more time to differentiate their solutions and bring their product to market sooner.

The ARM Mali-DP500 enables the GPU or CPU to offload tasks such as composition, scaling, image and colour enhancement and does so in a single pass. It also implements AFBC. AFBC is an ARM technology which, when implemented across the SoC, results in 50% less system-wide bandwidth consumption than a SoC without AFBC. ARM Mali processors with support for AFBC include the ARM Mali-T760 GPU and the ARM Mali-V500.

The ARM Mali-DP500’s level of secure technology support is unique in today’s market.  Consumers need confidence in their displays for situations such as mobile payments. For this reason the ARM Mali-DP500 has a secure display layer which is only programmable by a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). It is compatible with ARM TrustZone Ready Client and GlobalPlatform Trusted User Interface which ensures that in payment situations the secure screen is always on top and protected from software attacks. In addition, hardware backed security is becoming a critical requirement of content vendors in order for consumers to watch high value content on their mobile devices. For secure video playback from download to display, the ARM Mali-DP500 is compatible with ARM TrustZone Media Protection security requirements which ensure that unencrypted content is not accessible by the high level OS and that it is only ever written to protected memory.


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