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The world's first OpenGL® ES 2.0 conformant multi-core GPU provides 2D and 3D acceleration with performance scalable up to 1080p resolutions, while maintaining ARM® leadership on power and bandwidth efficiency.

With support for 2D vector graphics through OpenVG™ 1.1 and 3D graphics through OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0, the Mali™-400 MP provides a complete graphics acceleration platform, based on open standards.

Scalable from 1 to 4 cores the Mali-400 MP enables a wide range of different use cases, from mobile user interfaces up to smartphones, tablets and DTVs, to be addressed with a single IP. One single driver stack for all multi-core configurations simplifies application porting, system integration and maintenance. Multicore scheduling and performance scaling is fully handled within the graphics system, with no special considerations required from the application developer

The provision of an industry standard AMBA® AXI interface makes integration of Mali-400 MP into system-on-chip designs straight-forward, and also provides a well-defined interface for connecting to other bus architectures. ARM is in the unique position to provide an optimized compute platform that uses ARM® Cortex® processors, Mali GPU and ARM CoreLink™ CCI-400 technologies. This heterogeneous approach means that a range of applications is more efficiently processed when shared between the CPU and the GPU. This makes full use of the inherent capabilities of each system component to achieve the best possible balance of power and performance.

Mali-400 MP has a fully programmable architecture providing high-performance support for both shader-based and fixed-function graphics APIs. It provides class leading anti-aliasing capabilities ensuring optimal image quality, with virtually no performance overhead. A wide range of third party applications, middleware and tools support through the ARM Mali ecosystem program. These are pre-validated with other ARM hardware and software products, as well as a wide array of third party applications and content.

Features Benefits
Advanced tile-based deferred rendering and local buffering of intermediate pixel states Reduced memory bandwidth overhead and lower power consumption
Efficient alpha blending of multiple layers in hardware Unlimited number of blended layers without additional bandwidth consumption or unexpected performance drops
Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) using rotated grid multi sampling Significantly higher quality and performance than alternative oversampling methods
Integrated MMU based on standard ARM MMU Allows virtualization of GPU memory resources and fine-grained memory protection
Fully autonomous GPU Enables maximum parallelization of CPU and GPU tasks
Independent CPU and GPU power management Maximize battery life, minimize heat dissipation
Fully optimized production quality software drivers Maximum efficiency with low memory fragmentation, reduced integration time and cost, reduced support burden

Mali-400 MP1

Feature Value Description
Frequency 210MHz
in 40nm LP
in 28nm HPM
Throughput 23Mtri/s, 210Mpix/s
55Mtri/s, 500Mpix/s
in 40nm LP
in 28nm HPM

Mali-400 MP4

Feature Value Description
Frequency 210MHz
in 40nm LP
in 28nm HPM
Throughput 23Mtri/s, 840Mpix/s
55Mtri/s, 2.0Gpix/s
in 40nm LP
in 28nm HPM

Feature Value Description
Anti-Aliasing 4xAA
4x Multi-Sampling with virtually no performance drop
16xAA outperforming all implementations of comparable quality
API Support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0
Full support for next-generation and legacy 2D/3D graphics applications
Bus Interface AMBA® AXI Compatible with a wide range of bus interconnect and peripheral IP
L2 Cache 8KB - 256KB Configurable L2 cache optimized for graphics data traffic
Memory System MMU Memory Management Unit
Multi-Core Scaling 1 to 4 cores A single IP covering a wide range of markets and price/performance points

Mali Developer Resources
Deploying graphics applications and content on Mali-400 MP based systems is greatly eased by the wide range of 3rd party development tools, middleware and existing demonstration applications along with the wide availability of Mali-400 MP development boards.
Shader Authoring Tools Shader Development Studio, Offline Shader Compiler and Shader Library
Performance Analysis DS-5 Streamline
Texture Compression Tool Compressing textures to reduce system load
User Interface Engine A rich framework to develop OpenGL ES 2.0 User Interfaces and applications
Asset Conditioning Tool Conditioning graphics assets to improve the application performance
OpenGL® ES 1.1 Emulator Enabling developers to develop and test their OpenGL ES 1.1 applications ahead of hardware availability
OpenGL ES 2.0 Emulator Enabling developers to develop and test their OpenGL ES 2.0 applications ahead of hardware availability
Processor IP
Cortex-A5 The Cortex-A5 processor is the smallest, lowest cost and lowest power ARMv7 application processor, ideal as a stand-alone processor within current and future generations of smart wearable devices. It is capable of delivering the internet to the widest possible range of devices, from smart devices like wearables, feature phones and low-cost, entry-level smartphones, to a range of pervasive embedded, consumer and industrial devices.
Cortex-A7 The Cortex-A7 MPCore processor is the most power-efficient application processor ARM has ever developed, and dramatically extends ARM’s low-power leadership in entry-level smartphones, tablets, high-end wearables and other advanced mobile devices. The Cortex-A7 led the multicore revolution for entry-level and mid-range mobile smartphones, and devices based on the popular quad- and octa- core configurations are shipping in huge volumes.
Cortex-A9 The Cortex-A9 processor is available as either a single-core or 1-4 core multicore synthesizable processor each offering 2.5 Dhrystone MIPS per MHz per CPU. In its single-core implementation an area optimized implementation of the processor provide a minimal footprint and exceptional energy efficiency for traditional embedded designs, while a speed optimized multicore implementation offers up to four time the total performance with the additional advantages of cache coherence, integrated peripherals and advanced bus interface options.
Cortex-A15 The Cortex-A15 MPCore processor delivers unprecedented processing capability, combined with low power consumption to enable compelling products in a wide range of new and existing ARM markets ranging from mobile computing, high-end digital home, servers and wireless infrastructure. Mobile configurations of the Cortex-A15 processor deliver over five times the performance of today’s advanced smartphones. In advanced infrastructure applications, the Cortex-A15 processor running at up to 2.5GHz will enable highly scalable solutions within constantly shrinking energy, thermal and cost budgets.
Cortex-A17 The Cortex-A17 processor is the latest high-performance ARMv7-A solution targeted at smartphones and tablets, and delivers today’s premium user experience in tomorrow’s mid-range mobile and consumer devices.Cortex-A17 processor offers premium performance and a high-end feature set making it an ideal fit for every screen – from smartphone to tablet, to smart TVs, over-the-top TV boxes and set-top box devices.
Cortex-A53 The Cortex-A53 processor is our most power-efficient ARMv8 processor capable of seamlessly supporting 32-bit and 64-bit code. It makes use of a highly efficient 8-stage in-order pipeline balanced with advanced fetch and data access techniques for performance. It fits in a power and area footprint suitable for entry-level smartphones, and is at the same time capable of delivering high aggregate performance in scalable enterprise systems via high core density.
Cortex-A57 The Cortex-A57 processor is ARM’s highest performing processor, designed to further extend the capabilities of future mobile and enterprise computing applications including compute intensive 64-bit applications such as high end computer, tablet and server products.
System IP
System IP provides the interconnect and peripheral components enabling Mali-400 MP to deliver its full performance potential within energy efficient SoC designs.
AMBA AXI Interconnect and Peripherals System IP generators, level-2 cache control, memory controllers and peripherals compatible with the AMBA AXI standard.
Physical IP
Physical IP Platforms deliver process optimized IP, for best-in-class implementations of the Mali-400 graphics processor at 90 nm, 65 nm and below.
Standard Cell Logic Libraries Available in a variety of different architectures ARM Standard Cell Libraries support a wide performance range for all types of SoC designs. Designers can choose between different libraries and optimize their designs for speed, power and/or area.
Memory Compilers and Registers A broad array of silicon proven SRAM, Register File and ROM memory compilers for all types of SoC designs ranging from performance critical to cost sensitive and low power applications.
Interface Libraries A broad portfolio of silicon-proven Interface IP designed to meet varying system architectures and standards. General Purpose I/O, Specialty I/O, High Speed DDR and Serial Interfaces are optimized to deliver high data throughput performance with low pin counts.

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