Multimedia - Graphics Processing from ARM

The ARM® Mali series of processors offers a complete multimedia solution for your SoC. Our industry-leading, scalable IP for graphics, video and display is able to drive the ultimate visual experience across a wide range of devices, scaling from the most cost-efficient smartphones through to visually stunning, performance efficient smartphones, Android™ OS-based tablets and SmartTVs.

Multimedia Graphics Processing

Why ARM in Graphics?

The ARM Mali family of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) scales from the Cost Efficient Graphics Roadmap which focuses on delivering high quality graphics within the smallest possible area, to the Performance Efficient Graphics Roadmap which is designed specifically to bring the highest levels of performance to premium devices with a particular emphasis on maintaining energy efficiency.

The ARM Mali Video Roadmap also adheres to these values, offering a high-performance, low-bandwidth unit that scales to deliver secure video to a wide range of smartphones, tablets and SmartTVs. This has been recently joined by the ARM Mali Display Roadmap, a highly functional processor which is able to significantly lower SoC bandwidth consumption whilst offering content security from download to display.

When the graphics, video and display processors are implemented altogether in an SoC, ARM architectural benefits such as AFBC and Transaction Elimination come into their own and offer exceptional bandwidth savings. Software integration effort can also be reduced as each processor’s Android driver will work efficiently with any other ARM driver straight out of the box. This optimized Android multimedia stack addresses universally resource-consuming challenges such as integrating and optimizing processors from different suppliers or supporting regular Android updates. By taking advantage of ARM’s pre-optimized software stack, partners have more time to differentiate their solutions and bring their product to market sooner.

Mali Quick Facts

  • Number 1 Android GPU IP supplier
  • In over 70% of DTVs
  • In over 50% of Android tablets
  • In over 20% of Android smartphones
  • Over 400 million units shipped in 2013

Cost Efficient Graphics

ARM Mali Cost Efficient GPUs are optimized to provide high performance, energy efficient graphics in the smallest possible silicon area. Including both graphics-only and graphics plus GPU Compute technology, ARM Mali Cost Efficient GPUs offer a diverse selection of scalable solutions for low- to mid-range smartphones, tablets and DTVs.

Mali’s Cost Efficient Graphics roadmap includes:

Mali-T830 Mali-T820 Mali-T720
Mali-T622 Mali-450 MP Mali-400 MP

Performance Efficient Graphics

With stunning graphics capabilities, ARM Mali Performance Efficient GPUs combine GPU Compute functionality with micro-architecture enhancements and system-wide, bandwidth-saving technology to bring energy efficiency to advanced mobile and consumer devices. GPU Compute solutions enable each task to be executed on the most suitable processor within the system. The resultant efficiencies guarantee superior graphics performance and extended battery life.

Mali’s Performance Efficient Graphics roadmap includes:

Mali-T860 Mali-T760
Mali-T628 Mali-T624 Mali-T604

Mali Video

The ARM Mali Video Processor roadmap presents a broad range of performance capabilities combined with ARM’s system-wide approach to performance efficiency and security.

Mali’s Video roadmap includes:

Mali-V550 Mali-V500

Mali Display

As resolutions and display quality increase, display processing becomes even more important in a media system. Having a dedicated display processor that not only controls output to the screen but also enables the GPU to offload basic tasks such as multi-layer composition or image post-processing to a dedicated processor improves visual quality and reduces overall SoC power consumption. ARM Mali Display Processors are designed with three key benefits in mind: lowering system bandwidth, simplifying software integration and offering a secure display path.

Mali’s Display roadmap includes:

Mali-DP550 Mali-DP500 processor block diagram

Mali Technologies

ARM® Mali™ Technologies have been developed to allow increasingly more complex graphics within the power capacity and thermal limit of mobile devices. All formats provide significant system-wide bandwidth reductions to ensure that end-users are able to experience the latest in graphics quality on any device. Mali Technologies include Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC), ARM Frame Buffer Compression (AFBC), Transaction Elimination (TE) and Smart Composition.



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