CoreLink SSE-100 Subsystem for Embedded

The ARM® CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem allows design teams to create IoT endpoints faster and with lower risk. ARM is simplifying IoT design with a combination of hardware, software, power efficiency and wide ecosystem support. The CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem is optimized for use with the ARM Cortex®-M3 processor, the most popular choice for IoT devices, mbed OS, radio technologies and physical IP.

The individually licensable subsystem IP block, together with the Cortex-M processor and ARM Cordio® radio IP, forms the basis for an IoT endpoint chip design, allowing partners to integrate sensors and other peripherals to create complete SoCs. Along with ARM Artisan® physical IP, the design can be used to build optimized low-power SoCs with embedded flash memory, and will enable applications with reduced size, cost and power consumption, operating at sub one-volt.

Internet of Things runs on ARM

ARMs scalable IP solutions are designed to target all points on the value chain from sensors to servers. This allows our partners to reduce their time to market.

Why CoreLink SSE-100?

IoT is about diversity, one size does not fit all diverse applications, nodes, and sensors lead to diversity in end-node requirements and price points. IoT means billions of connected devices, some of these devices will be addressed by off-the-shelf designs while other applications will require customized SoCs and tight integration with sensors.

The ARM subsystem supports IoT market growth by reducing development risk and enabling companies to quickly create products.

The CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem includes its open-source software libraries, integrated with mbed OS. It is a complete reference system that reduces the complexity and risk of an SoC design for IoT endpoints. The CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem features a range of peripherals and interfaces; including a Flash Controller for TSMCs embedded flash memory. It is specifically designed for use with Cortex-M processors and Cordio Bluetooth® Smart radio. It is possible to integrate other radios and wireless networking standards such as Wi-Fi and 802.15.4. The system has been designed to optimize power consumption and its integration with mbed OS brings a high level of security: two key features for IoT solutions.

CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem diagram
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Key Benefits

Low power consumption

Thanks to its built-in Flash Controller, the CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem can connect to an embedded Flash and lead to single-chip designs that consume less energy than multi-chip solutions. Additionally, the CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem includes an integrated cache which allows up to 99% flash power consumption reduction, by reducing the number of Flash fetches.

Optimized for ARM Cortex-M Processors

The CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem supports the successful ARM Cortex-M3 processor. This industry-leading 32-bit processor offers the performance and efficiency for the most demanding IoT applications.


The CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem's target market includes:

Building automation
Connected clothing
Home automation
Energy grid
Identity & tracking
Smart city
Smart lighting
Smart watch

Related IP


  • Billions of ARM Cortex-M processors are widely deployed in IoT applications for low power, highly efficient embedded computing – such as wearables, smart devices and security application
  • Widest ecosystem support

mbed OS

  • mbed OS – open source device software making IoT application development easy. Built in device and communication security
  • More than 200,000 of mbed developers and support on many platforms

mbed cloud services

  • ARM mbed cloud software brings web services to the most demanding enterprise applications in the Internet of Things. It utilizes open source protocols like CoAP/HTTP, MQTT, TLS/TCP, DTLS/UDP and OMA LWM2M for data communication and device management.

Cordio Bluetooth Smart radio

  • Pre-certified, ultra low power radio IP solution for Bluetooth Smart connectivity
  • Delivered as a hard macro

ARM physical IP

  • The most comprehensive, widely used and advanced physical IP solution in the industry
  • Logic IP, Standard Cell, Embedded Memory Compilers, Interface IP and POP IP
  • Specifically optimized for each foundry and process technology

Cortex-M System Design Kit (CMSDK)

  • A comprehensive system solution designed to work seamlessly with the CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem
  • AMBA® AHB and APB infrastructure components, essential peripherals, scripts, examples and software drivers

Cadence Hosted Design Solution

The Cadence® Hosted Design Solution (HDS) is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model which offers quick access to various EDA tools, a broad portfolio of IP, support and proven methodologies for designing for IoT. The CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem has been ported into HDS to allow IoT designers an accelerated path to silicon.



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