TomTom GO 720

TomTom GO 720 Image (View Larger TomTom GO 720 Image) Description: TomTom announces a new era in car navigation: the GO 520 & 720. It takes everything that has made TomTom the world leader in portable navigation and builds on it. Perfectly engineered, and with a range of enhancements to every aspect of your navigation experience:
  • TomTom’s legendary ease of use, made even easier
  • A navigation performance that sets new industry standards with best-in-class GPS reception, best maps, unique TomTom Map Share™ updates and much more
  • A focus throughout on safety
  • Smart and fun extras

The smartest navigator is also the easiest

TomTom has a reputation for the most user-friendly and efficient navigation devices. And the GO 520 & 720 are no exception. A range of useful and also fun new features all benefit from the latest version of an award-winning intuitive user interface that makes the smartest TomTom technology easy to use.

  • Easier on the eye: a 4.3” widescreen improves your view of where you are, and makes entering instructions easier and quicker
  • Better communicator: text-to-speech means your device can announce street names, as well as sms and traffic messages. Giving you easier guidance and allowing you to focus better on the road ahead
  • Better listener: speech recognition lets you tell your device where to go, instead of typing it on the screen
  • Better view day and night: light sensor gives automatic brightness control

Soure: TomTom