Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S Image (View Larger Samsung Galaxy S Image) The new stylish Samsung Galaxy S, featuring a 4-inch Hyper Definition Super AMOLED screen with HD video record and playback, powered by Android.

Unmatched brilliance with vivid eye-catching colours.

Superfast internet

A powerful 1GHz processor delivers a superfast user experience.


New technology for faster typing - exclusive to Samsung.

Find what you're looking for easily and quickly with Google apps.

Android apps

Over 50,000 apps to download on the Android Marketplace.

More features of the phone include:

the natural and refreshing way to wake up with the Smart Alarm; Daily Briefing which transforms your phone into your personal secretary; Integrated Calendar to easily manage and sync your calendar; typing your messages 1.5 times faster with the Swype / Write & Go technology; and Social Hub where you can integrate, sync and manage all your emails, IM, calendar and SNS.

ARM Processor Family: Cortex-A Series

ARM Processor: Cortex-A8

Silicon Supplier: Samsung Hummingbird S5PC110

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