OpenMoko Neo 1973 Phone

OpenMoko Neo 1973 Phone Image (View Larger OpenMoko Neo 1973 Phone Image)

Description: The Neo1973 is a linux based Smartphone is the first phone based on the open-source "OpenMoko" platform. The Neo1973 features include; a touch screen (rather than a keypad), an ultra-high resolution 2.8-inch      VGA (640 x 480) touchscreen, GPS receiver, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth and a MicroSD card slot.    

ARM CPU: ARM9 Processor

Silicon Supplier: Samsung (S3C2410 processor)

Operating System: Linux


  • 2.8" VGA TFT color display
  • Touchs creen, usable with stylus or fingers
  • 266MHz Samsung System on a Chip (SOC)
  • USB 1.1, switchable between Client and Host (unpowered)
  • Integrated AGPS
  • 2.5G GSM – quad band, voice, CSD, GPRS
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Micro SD slot
  • High Quality audio codec

Source: Linux Devises


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