Navigon 2100 max

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Description: Navigon have recently introduced a new Personal navigation device called the 2100 max. This GPS device is both ultra-thin and stylish in design and features; 4.3” touchscreen display, up to 12 map updates when you accessorize with FreshMaps, lane Assistant and Reality View™ for extra guidance, spoken street names via text-to-speech and directHelp for emergency assistance.  

ARM CPU:  ARM Powered

Silicon Supplier:  Samsung

Operating System:  Windows CE 5.0

  • Features:
  • Wide 4.3” Touchscreen. 
  • NAVIGON FreshMaps 
  • Driver Friendly - Touchscreen with animated menus that are simple, smart and easy to use. 
  • Reality View™
  • Turn-by-Turn Spoken Directions
  • DirectHelp 
  • Lane Assistant 
  • Branded Icons
  • Coast-to-Coast Maps
  • POI. Pre-loaded points of interest that are actually interesting. 
  • Speed Assistant
  • Route Planning
  • 2D/3D views
  • Predictive Text 
  • Street First Entry 
  • Logbook

Source: Windows for Devices


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