Microsoft Zune HD

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Description: Microsoft recently announced their new 'Zune HD player' giving you premium entertainment at your fingertips. The Zune HD's key features are; Web browsing, the HD Video enables you to watch your favourite  movies and programmes, play music, view photos and much more. Additional equipment is required to output to HDTV (AV Dock sold separately).
PRICING: Zune HD 16GB: $219.99 and the Zune HD 32GB: $289.99 (Estimated retail price(s))

Pre-order: MP3 Zune HD

ARM CPU: ARM11 Processor

Silicon Supplier: Nvidia Tegra

Key Features:

  • HD Video
    Watch supported 720p HD movies, TV shows, and videos in high definition on your HDTV through the Zune HD.
    Or take them with you for premium entertainment on the go.*
  • Web Browser
    Stay connected with on-the-go access to a Web browser.
    Surf your favourite Web sites or update your Facebook status over Wi-Fi connection anytime, anywhere.
  • Music and Photos
    View your photos in stunning, vivid quality and listen to your favourite songs for hours.
  • Exceptional Battery Life
    Get unbeatable battery life with the Zune HD for extended HD video and audio playback time.


  • OLED touch screen
  • Widescreen display (16:9 aspect ratio, 3.3 inch screen)
  • HD video out
  • QWERTY touchscreen keyboard
  • Tap-to-zoom
  • Nvidia multicore Tegra processor
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Full-featured web browser
  • Stream or download music and video content
  • Digital radio
  • High-capacity storage (16 gigabytes/32 gigabytes)
  • Accelerometer / motion-sensor

Source: nVidia


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