DeLorme Earthmate PN-60W with SPOT Satellite Communicator

DeLorme Earthmate PN-60W with SPOT Satellite Communicator Image (View Larger DeLorme Earthmate PN-60W with SPOT Satellite Communicator Image)

Handheld GPS Meets Satellite Communications

Welcome to the future. For the first time ever, DeLorme and SPOT have teamed up to provide a ruggedized handheld GPS with all the famous DeLorme street and topo maps included, plus the ability to type and send one-way text messages via the SPOT satellite system. Use the GPS to see where you are and also to type and send check-in messages beyond cellular coverage, as well as send for help if ever needed. Lead. Don't Follow.

Communicate with family and friends from locations worldwide. Cell phone coverage can be unreliable, but the SPOT Satellite Communicator distributes your message dependably via satellite.

  • Communicate even when cell phone service is unavailable
  • Type & Send custom text messages to family and friends' email or cell phones
  • Post your messages on Facebook and Twitter
  • Allow others to track your progress on Google Maps
  • Let family and friends know you're safe when your adventures take you to challenging locations
  • In case of emergency, send an SOS message with text explanation included so responders can be best-prepared for your situation and avoid false alarms

ARM Processor Family: ARM9

ARM Processor: ARM926

Silicon Supplier STMicroelectronics Cartesio STA2062A

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