Datawind Ubisurfer Netbook

Datawind Ubisurfer Netbook Image (View Larger Datawind Ubisurfer Netbook Image)

Description: Datawind recently announced the UbiSurfer netbook which features and embedded SIM, enabling the user to surf the web anytime, anywhere, for free. The UbiSurfer features include; a 7 inch TFT screen display, WiFi connectivity, a full QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad mouse pointer, embedded cellular modem to get you on the Internet easily, wherever you have 3G coverage as well as Wifi hotspots. A great device for people on the move.   

ARM CPU: ARM Processor (Type Undsiclosed) 

Operating System: Linux


  • Display: 7 inch TFT – Wide screen display (800 x 480 pixels) 
  • Memory: 128MB Ram; 1GB Flash; 50 GB Online 
  • Networking:    
    GPRS 900Mhz, 1800Mhz with Embedded SIM Card
    Wireless LAN
    WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g
    Ethernet Port 10MB
  • Audio: Microphone and dual stereo sound earphone jacks 
  • Input:    
    Full QWERTY keyboard
    Touchpad Mouse Pointer
    Battery: Provides 4 hours active use and 4 hours standby 
  • Size/Weight:
    222 x 165 x 29.5 mm
    700 grams 
  • Ports:    
    Push-Push SD card socket / 3x USB Ports/
    1 x Earphone/ 1 x Microphone/ 1 x Ethernet 
  • Speed: Loads Web Pages in less than 7 Seconds 
  • Applications:    
    DataWind Web Browser, Calendar, Media Player,
    XIP Office (Word processor, Spreadsheet n
    Presentation)PDF Viewer, Email, Paint, Games.
    (All Compatible with Microsoft) 

Source: Datawind press release