BlackBerry Curve 9300

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Keep it Together

Text. Email. Social

With all the different ways to send and receive messages these days, it's an effort to individually cater to them all. Push technology brings all your text, email, and social networking messages to you instantly — in one neat list.

BlackBerry Messanger

With BBM™, you can go back and forth all day long — in real time — with confirmations to let you know when your messages have been delivered and read.

Featured Apps

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare

Start delegating your tasks

BlackBerry App World

From The New York Times-recommended Personal Assistant to Xobni and Evernote, there are plenty of task-mastering apps to add to your BlackBerry Curve 3G. But don't worry, with thousands of games, eBooks, travel and entertainment apps, you'll still have plenty to do.

Multitask with the best of them

Improve your multitasking agility. Maneuver between multiple apps, as you need them — so you can continue full speed ahead.

ARM Processor

ARM Architecture based - XScale processor

Silicon Partner

Marvell Semiconductor Inc - Marvell PXA930

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