Air Hogs Hawk Eye

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Image (View Larger Air Hogs Hawk Eye Image) Air Hogs introduces the Hawk Eye Camera Copter – the first ever indoor helicopter that can take videos and photos while flying in the sky! The helicopter can take up to 5 minutes of video at a resolution of 320 x 240 or it can take hundreds of photos at a resolution of 640 x 480. 

ARM Processor: ARM Cortex-A8

Silicon Supplier: Texas Instruments OMAP3 Applications processor

How it works:

Fly & Capture
The Hawk Eye is a 2 channel indoor helicopter that can move up and down or left and right. Fly your heli and capture your world using the video and photo buttons located on your controller.

Steady-Fly™ Technology

The Hawk Eye comes with our revolutionary Steady-Fly™ Technology which has revolutionized the world of indoor flight. The built-in software can detect flight instability and auto-adjust the rotor rotation to maintain balance. The result – an exceptionally stable and enjoyable flight experience!

Once your finished your mission, plug your Hawk Eye into your computer using the included USB key and easily transfer your videos/photos onto your PC or Mac to share with your friends. No added software is needed to view your files.

Also, while transferring your files, the Hawk Eye automatically recharges so that you’re ready for your next mission after you’re done checking out your awesome videos and pics!

Air Hogs is adding an awesome new feature that is absolutely FREE for anyone who buys the Hawk Eye Camera Copter this Fall! Coming in August we will be offering editing software on our site so that you can edit your videos! Become a movie director and mash your videos and pictures together, edit the length, and add cool images and sounds to personalize your videos. Then easily upload them to sites such as Youtube or Facebook/Myspace and show them off to your friends! Come back in August to try it out!

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