Rocketfish 4-port Wireless HD Kit

Rocketfish 4-port Wireless HD Kit Image (View Larger Rocketfish 4-port Wireless HD Kit Image)
  • Sends full HDMI quality signals:
    From up to 4 source components to an HDTV or projector.
  • Supports full 1080p video resolution at 60Hz:
    As well as 3D video, CEC remote functionality and 5.1/7.1 digital surround sound for use with your existing home theater setup.
  • 60GHz frequency range:
    Eliminates interference for clear reception.
  • 32.8' operating range:
    For flexible setup in your home.

Processor: Atmel AT91SAM256 ARM-based microcontroller

ARM Processor Family: Cortex-M Series

ARM Processor: Cortex-M3

Silicon Supplier: Atmel AT91SAM256

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