Neuros OSD2 Developer Kit

Neuros OSD2 Developer Kit Image (View Larger Neuros OSD2 Developer Kit Image)

Description:  Neuros Technology have recently introduced the OSD2 HD Developer Kit, which is the successor to the Nueros OSD and which is based on the Texas Instruments DaVinci DM6446 SoC. Please Note: The OSD2 developer kit is intended for developers and not end users. More Information can be found on their consumer product the Neuros OSD or you can sign up for the OSD2.0 newsletter.

ARM CPU: ARM9 Processor

Silicon Supplier: Texas Instruments DaVinci DM6446M02 Processor

Operating System: Linux

Hardware specifications:

  • Composite/Component Input: 2 composite input, 1 component input, all with dedicated stereo audio
  • Composite/Component/HDMI Video Output
  • RCA Audio I/O
  • 2 USB ports in rear, 1 in front, and 1 internal to housing

Included with this item are:

  • 1 x Neuros OSD2.0 HD Developer Kit in Mini-ITX case
  • 1 x Remote Control with battery
  • 1 x Power cord
  • 1 x IR Blaster cable
  • 1 x Serial cable
  • 2 x RCA (red-white-yellow) cables
  • 1 x mini-ITX case

Source: Neuro Technology


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