Leapfrog Leapster2 and Diji Handhelds

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Description:  Leapfrog have recently annouced their new Leapster2 product to go on sale this summer. The new device will offer a sleek new look so the usr can enjoy the new games, such as; Star Wars - The Clone Wars. As with the original Leapster system, the Leapster2 handheld comes with auto-levels, adjusting games to children's particular skills
and progress, so they are appropriately challenged. The Leapster2 will also enable the user with a new online
connectivity. Allowing parents to monitor their child's progress and accomplishments, while kids will earn
rewards to encourage continued playing and learning. 
When kids are ready to graduate from the Leapster system, the Didj handheld is the smart option to extend the learning. The first totally customizable educational gaming platform, the Didj system lets kids personalize the look and feel of the games. From designing their avatars to choosing background scenery, color schemes and music. Beyond making visual customizations, parents and kids can customize the learning content on the Didj handheld, connecting gameplay with schoolwork. For example, a custom spelling list can be created from the 10,000-word database, giving kids the ability to practice for a test while playing the classic Sonic the Hedgehog. The Didj system supports what kids are learning  in school and lets them practice skills in a fun way-through gaming. 
ARM Processor:   ARM9


The Didj system offers high resolution graphics presented on a 3.2 inch LCD screen featuring 16.7 million color TFT on a 320x240 display. Perceptive players also will appreciate the processing speed (ARM9 @ 393 MHz), which is comparable to that of other handhelds on the market today. In addition to processing game logic, the combined 32 bit ARM and 256MB Flash memories ensure high-quality, real-time audio decompression and playback. Both the Leapster2 and Diji system are set to launch this summer 2008. The Leapster is set to cost around: $69.99the Diji system will cost approx: $89.99.

Source:  Leapfrog


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