Compal APA00 PMP + DTV

Compal APA00 PMP + DTV Image (View Larger Compal APA00 PMP + DTV Image)

Description: The Compal APA00 PMP and DTV device is slim in design and comes with a 40G - 80G hard drive.  Other features include; SD/MMC card slot, full format PMP supporting most video formats, HD content support upto 1080i, ideal for HD camcorder, component & composite AV out for HD content, built-in DVB-T TV programme recording and easy-changeable high-performance rechargeable battery.

ARM CPU: ARM Powered

Silicon Supplier: Sigma Design 

OS: uCLinux


  • SoC Sigma Design EM8622L 
  • OS uCLinux 
  • Display 7”, Color LCD, 800x480 
  • Video Format  MPEG 1/2/4, Xvid, WMV9, H.264
  • Audio Format  MP3, WMA, MPEG1/2- Layer 1,2 /WAV(PCM)
  • Image Format  JEPG, GIF, PNG, BMP 
  • Storage 1.8” HDD, 5 or 8mm, SD/MMC Card Reader 
  • Audio Build In Stereo Speaker 
  • Radio FM Tuner 
  • DTV DVB-T, 6/7/8MHz Bandwidth, Mobility/Instant/Schedule Recording (Single TV Channel)
  • Control Key  Power/Key lock, Menu, Volume Up/Down, Control keys 
  • I/O Port  USB 2.0 Device Hi-speed, Headphone Out & Stereo Speaker, TV Out (Composite & YPbPr), DC
  • In, CIR (for Remote Controller) 
  • Battery Prismatic/Li-Ion, 2000mAh x2, 14.8W, Changeable
  • AC to DC Adapter
  • Input: 100~240VAC, Output: 5VDC, 3A
  • Application: Music, Video, Photo Player, DTV, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Text Reader, Setting
  • Dimension: 200 X 129 X 22mm 
  • Weight 596g 

Source: Compal


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