CEZZER Videoclub HD STB Image (View Larger CEZZER Videoclub HD STB Image) CEZZER Multimedia Technologies has rolled out its high-definition (HD) video-on-demand (VoD) terminal, the CEZZER videoclub, which can provide Video on demand to Internet subscribers who have an unlimited Internet connection with rates starting from 512 Kbit/s. The user can simply plug the unit into their home television and Internet box, and then turns on the unit. The user can then either watch a movie which is already stored on an internal hard disk that is automatically updated, or make a selection of another movie from a large video catalogue. Then simply pay for the selected movie, if it is not already stored on disk, then the CEZZER videoclub downloads it immediately so that the user can view it in less than 24 hours time.

ARM Processor : ARM926

Silicon Supplier: TI TMS320DM644x Digital Media Processor

Source: Texas Instruments


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