Yoggie Firestick Pico

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Description:   Yoggie have introduced the Firestick Pico™, which is a portable USB mini-computer which can replace your software firewall and protects your computer. The Firestick Pico places a barrier between PCs and the Internet to ensure that threats never reach the users computers. Unlike software firewalls, the Firestick Pico is based on a dedicated hardware platform specifically designed to protect PCs from the most devastating menaces. These include; denial of service, buffer overflow and the broadest range of malicious attacks.

The Firestick is available from their online store for $119. 

ARM CPU:   ARM Powered

Silicon Supplier:  Intel PXA270 processor

OS:    Linux


  • Hardware-based and robust Firewall solution
  • Isolates your PC from the Hot Spots, public connections and the Internal
  • Full Stateful Inspection Firewall
  • Blocks all Internet threats and attacks outside - before they reach your PC 
  • Releases PC resources by offloading the Firewall to external mini-computer
  • Hides your PC from Internet Hackers ('Stealth Mode')
  • Improved end user experience: ‘Pop Up’ message free and no interference 
  • Plug-and-Forget easy installation and operation
  • Automated updates offloaded to external mini-computer
  • Comprehensive Firewall setting and customization for maximum security and productivity
  • Dedicated hardened operating system independent from your PC operating system

Awards:    "Best of Innovations 2008 - Computer Accessories" (CES 2008)


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