Veracity TimeNet Server

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Description: Veracity UK Ltd have recently introduced a low-powered master reference clock server primarily which is aimed at CCTV & DVR network applications. The TIMENET integrates a GPS receiver and master NTP clock server into a single device which can be directly connected to the network. It features a compact design which can be wall-mounted, uses very little power and is less than half the cost of competing solutions.

ARM CPU: ARM7 microprocessor

Silicon Supplier: NetSilicon NS7520 processor

  • Features:
  • Time Source GPS Satellite 
  • Protocol NTP Stratum 1 Time Server 
  • Accuracy Ethernet NTP ±100ms overall
  • GPS source ±0.1µs 
  • Antenna GPS sensor on 3m cable (included) 
  • Connectivity 10/100BaseT Ethernet, RJ45 
  • Status indicators Green LED - long pulse : OK; short pulse : no lock
  • Amber LED - network connectivity 
  • Power 6V DC External power supply (included)  
  • Power Consumption 0.9W 
  • Dimensions W : 67mm x D : 92mm x H : 33mm ( W : 86mm with wall mounting brackets ) 
  • Operating Temperature -15C to 75C (5F to 125F) 
  • Relative Humidity 95% non-condensing 
  • Approvals CE, FCC, RoHS 
  • Warranty 3 years 
  • Product Code VTN-TN

Source:  Linux Devices


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