Symbol Technologies MK2000 Micro Kiosk

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The MK2000 Micro Kiosk™ from Symbol Technologies is the perfect space-saving device to cost-effectively deploy and run multimedia and bar code scanning applications throughout your retail environment. This versatile, interactive self-service kiosk empowers you to grow your sales opportunities while reducing your internal store operation costs.

With a depth of less than 4 in. (10 cm) and a bright, eye-catching 6.4 in. (16.26 cm) VGA display, the MK2000 is compact in size yet easily visible and intuitive for first-time users. Customers are attracted to the vibrant screen and become quickly engaged by the device's easy-to-use interactive touch screen. Also, employees receive in-aisle access to mission-critical information from any location on the floor.

The MK2000 allows you to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction for a stronger bottom line. It also frees your sales associates from time-consuming activities, increasing efficiency and productivity per employee with in-aisle access to task critical information. In addition, you can rollout the MK2000 with more confidence because it's from Symbol Technologies—a global retail solutions leader with proven systems at work in millions of locations around the world.

ARM Core: Xscale based

Silicone Supplier: Symbol Technologies


  • Multimedia kiosk with 6.4 in./16.26 cm diagonal, full VGA display, 400 MHz CPU and stereo speakers
  • Full network connectivity over wireless (IEEE 802.11b) or wired (802.3) networks
  • Multimedia support for stereo sound, headphones and video
  • Touch screen and four programmable function buttons
  • Easy to use Microsoft®Windows® CE .NET operating system
  • Trim, ergonomic design with a depth of less than 4 in./10 cm
  • Printing support: C, C++, C#, VisualBasic.Net and browser


10.9 in. H x 8.9 in. W x 3.6 in. D
27.7 cm H x 22.6 cm W x 9.1 cm D


3.4 lbs/1.55 kg (typical)

Source: Symbol