Runcom RNE200CF

Runcom RNE200CF Image (View Larger Runcom RNE200CF Image)

Description: Runcom have introduced the RNE200CF reference design which is based on the RNA200 Soc. It features; a wireless modem supporting the IEEE 802.16-2005 standard and the CompacFlash Type II interface and form-factor, enabling a computer running Windows XP SP 2 or Linux, or a mobile device running Windows Mobile 5.5, and is equipped with a Compact Flash interface, to connect to a WiMAX network.

ARM CPU: ARM11 Processor

Silicon Supplier: Runcom RNA200 Processor


  • Main Components
  • RNA200 SOC
  • 16Mbyte SDRAM
  • 8Mbyte Flash memory
  • Philips Winona RFIC Rev 3.0
  • Anadigics Power Amplifier
  • Antenna – internal printed
  • Antenna ~ 0 dBi gain
  • CompactFlash interface and connector
  • LED indicator

Source: Runcom Information


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