Maxtor Shared Storage II

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Description: Maxtor Solutions have recently introduced the new Maxtor Shared Storage II which is a dual-drive appliance. It features; gigabit Ethernet, two USB ports, a capacity of 1,000GB and DLNA-compliant media server software from Mediabolic. One or two terabytes of capacity for shared storage and automatic back up of networked  PCs and Macs.


Silicon Supplier: Marvell Orion 88F5182 Processor


  • Sharing:
    Access files including digital video, music, and photos from any networked
    PC or Mac for enhanced productivity, seamless workflow and easy file sharing and printing. 
  • 2 TB Storage: 2TB capacity stores up to 33,320 hours of digital music, 640,000 digital photos,
    2,000 hours of digital video, 500 – Two-hour DVD quality movies, 1,000 exciting games.
  • Automatic Back Up:
    No hassle back up.
    Back up all the computers on the network automatically to a single location.
  • Automatic Data Mirroring: RAID 1 automatically mirrors a copy of your data for an extra
    level of security (up to 500 GB).
  • Media Streaming:
    Play back photos, videos, and music to your networked home entertainment center for more enjoyment.
    (*Requires UPnPAV certified adapter) 
  • Drag and Sort™:
    Just drag documents onto the Shared Storage II icon and Maxtor’s Drag and Sort organizes your files,
    placing them in appropriate shared folders. 
  • Maxtor Simple View™:
    Provides at-a-glance views of back up and storage status for all users.
  • Password Protection:
    Set privacy levels on shared folders for full public access or limited access
    for an extra measure of security.
  • Simple set up:
    Plug it in, connect the Ethernet cable, and the Maxtor Shared Storage II automatically
    configures to your network. Within minutes you can set up the Maxtor Shared Storage II to appear as a
    local hard drive on every configured PC and Mac on the network. 
  • USB Expansion:
    2 USB ports make it easy to add a printer for sharing or connect additional drives for even more storage.

Source:     Linux Devices


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