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Home networking applications are rapidly evolving from generation to generation spurred by deployments of technologies such as Fiber to the Home (FTTH) as an example. Service providers are offering new revenue generating services and having a flexible, software rich and powerful platform to deliver these services is a key requirement. As a result, home networking platforms are rapidly evolving from a simple broadband router to complex residential gateways that integrate services such as voice, video, security and now smart home support.
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Optimized ARM Home Networking Platform Block Diagram

Optimized ARM Home Networking Platform Block Diagram

Home Networking platforms are rapidly integrating features from generation to generation. Energy conscious service providers are specifying increasingly stringent power consumption requirements for these platforms. As a result, ARM® processors are being specified in these platforms to enable the delivery of integrated features while reducing the power footprint. In addition, ARM's rich software ecosystem allows service providers to deploy new features on a variety of platforms rapidly. ARM ARM11MP and Cortex-A9 have become the defacto standard in this application space because of the flexibility and performance headroom that their multi-core architecture provides for the integration of new features.

ARM's energy efficient multi-core architecture allows residential gateway OEMs to integrate features such as voice and video services rapidly. ARM's Cortex A9 includes features such as the Accelerator Coherency Port(ACP) that has been designed to specifically enhance the performance of accelerators such security and application specific protocol accelerators. ARM's portfolio of Mali Graphics Processors and Mali Video engines enable service providers to deliver media rich content in an energy efficient manner. ARM's investment in the software ecosystem has enabled OEMS to offer consumers a rich user experience with software such as Adobe Flash for example.



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