D-Link DRO-200i

D-Link DRO-200i Image (View Larger D-Link DRO-200i Image)

This Router uses IXP425 processor from Intel. It has XScale architecture (ARM core with NPE’s). This Product is indigenously developed in D-Link India R&D center. The hardware is designed with 4 Interfaces (Ethernet WAN, V.35, ISDN BRI, Ethernet LAN)

The DRO-200i's Linux firmware supports a variety of advanced routing capabilities, including static and policy-based routing, RIP v1 and v2 (routing information protocol), OSPF (open shortest path first), and QoS (quality of service). The device includes a secure Web-based management interface, and supports remote firmware upgrades.

The DRO-200i includes a pair of back-up WAN access channels, including an ISDN BRI (basic rate interface) supporting 128Kbps, and an asynchronous serial port to support a dial-up modem.

ARM Core: Xscale based



  • IXP-425-B Processor
  • 533 MHZ


  • Flash memory 16 MB
  • SDRAM 32MB

Physical Interface

  • RJ-45 LAN
  • RJ-45 ISDN (2 channels)
  • RJ-45 Ethernet WAN/Dmz
  • V.35 SerialPort
  • AuxiliaryPort


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