Alien Technology ALR-9800 RFID reader

Alien Technology ALR-9800 RFID reader Image (View Larger Alien Technology ALR-9800 RFID reader Image)


The ALR-9800 is based on an Intel XScale SoC (system-on-chip) processor, along with a DSP (digital signal processor). The company says the DSP enables rapid interleaving of different protocols with minimal switching overhead, resulting in fast performance in mixed protocol environments such as high-speed conveyors and dock doors

The ALR-9800 is designed for scalable, streamlined, easy-to-manage data collection with a low total cost-of-ownership across any number of installed units. Implementation costs are kept low through the reader's simplified configuration and through its integrated industrial-class general purpose I/O capability that eliminates the need for costly external programmable logic controllers. Powerful remote monitoring and management functionality, including SNMP support, reduces ongoing costs of ownership while a ruggedized physical design ensures reliable, low-maintenance operation in demanding environments.

ARM Core:  Xscale based

Sources:  Alien Technology Readers


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