SPECTRA Technologies CREON Wireless Payment POS Terminal

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Powerful, Compact, Wireless Payment Terminal

The idea of paying anywhere and anytime can be realized by the new Wireless CREON POS terminal of SPECTRA Technologies. You can accept payment efficiently and securely in different sales environment instead of a fixed cashier counter. CREON with wireless function not only extended the coverage area but also increased flexibility of payment transaction.

The product is especially suitable for all kinds of mobile type application such as taxi fare payment, hotel, restaurant, road show sales, exhibition sales, lottery, pre-paid top up and home delivery service. Besides, it is perfect for various transactions with EMV credit, debit, loyalty and contactless card.

World-class Features Meeting your Needs

SPECTRA's wireless CREON terminal incorporates world-class features to meet the needs of customers. The powerful 32-bit ARM processor secures your competitiveness by completing the transaction in seconds; super fast and silent thermal printer prints receipts at 22.5 lines per second; a large back-lited white FSTN LCD display delivers a clear view in any lighting condition; optional RF card reader caters for the contact-less era; high memory extension by SD/MMC card or PSRAM allows much more data storage. Optional handfree kit allows voice communication for outdoor work and saves the cost of an extra mobile phone.


Ergonomic and Environmental Friendly Design


  • Small and compact which fits the size of the palm
  • Flexible communication options with GSM/GPRS, CDMA or WiFi
  • Contactless card reader option
  • Dual band design supports frequency at 850/PCS 1900 MHz or E-GSM 900/DCS 1800MHz with internal antenna
  • Stylish design with customizable color
  • Most preferred longitudinally aligned magnetic card reader
  • Vertical insertion IC card reader asks for no extra foot print
  • Large and white LCD display with bright back lit
  • Clip on type battery makes battery replacement simple and easy


Benefits and Enhanced Features

  • Powerful 32 bit-ARM processor
  • Optional MMC interface allows memory extension by SD/MMC card
  • RS232 port for integration with merchant’s ECR system
  • Super fast and silent thermal printer of easy paper loading design
  • Optional docking with fast charging function
  • Very high battery capacity to support long operation time
  • High quality environmental friendly Lithium-Polymer battery with no leakage, no memory effect
  • Optional multi-battery charger to maintain terminal in operation during battery charging
  • Optional handfree kit for voice communication (only for GPRS/CDMA)



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