Samsung S5P6440 Processor

Samsung S5P6440 Processor Image (View Larger Samsung S5P6440 Processor Image)

Description: Samsungs S5P6440 processor is the first in the "Vega" family of Application Processors. It is said that each of the processors in the Vega Series will maintain a high level of compatibility with each other, this will allow for PND manufacturer's to  design products on a single SoC platform, delivering high performance while maintaining cost competitiveness. The S5P6440 processor performance, is run by a powerful ARM1176 processor running at 533MHz. Other features include; both 2D Graphics HW and OpenVG HW, an upgraded NAND Error Correction HW, and also supports serial LCD protocols via the MIPI DSI standard, which allows for lower cost, lower EMI and simpler integration.   

ARM CPU: ARM1176 Processor


  • ARM1176JZF-S 533MHz, 16KB/16KB L1 Cache with Java acceleration Engine
  • NAND Flash Interface with x8 data bus, with 1/4/8/12/16-bit hardware ECC circuit and 4KB page mode
  • Mobile DDR Interface with x16 or x32 data bus (up to 333Mbps/pin)
  • DDR2 Interface with x16 or x32 data bus (up to 333Mbps/pin)
  • 2D Graphics Accelerator with BitBlit and Rotation
  • Vector Graphics Accelerator with dedicated Anti-Aliasing HW
  • 1/2/4/8 bpp Palletized or 8/16/24bpp Non-Palletized Color-TFT support up to 800x480
  • Serial LCD I/F support with MIPI DSI
  • Two data lanes and one clock lane
  • 4 channel UART: 1 channel mixed with IrDA SIR/FIR
  • 1 channel I2S
  • 2 channel I2C interface support
  • 3 channel MMC/SDHC/SDIO (or 1 ch HS-MMC & 1 ch SD/MMC)
  • On-chip USB 2.0 OTG controller and PHY transceiver supporting high speed
  • Real time clock, 3 PLL's, timer with PWM and watch dog timer
  • 8 channel DMA controller
  • 12 channel 12-bit ADC (Touch screen interface)
  • 2 channel SPI: 1ch mixed with TSI (transport stream interface)
  • Configurable GPIOs

Source: Samsung Semiconductor Products


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