NEC NaviEngine1 Multicore platform

NEC NaviEngine1 Multicore platform Image (View Larger NEC NaviEngine1 Multicore platform Image)

The NEC NaviEngine1 Multicore platform is equipped with four ARM 11 multicore processors and processing speeds of 480MIPS each. The NaviEngine 1 is the most powerful single-chip solution designed specifically for car navigation systems. The SMP capabilities and high-speed parallel processing performance enable multiple screen images of routes, road conditions and addresses and advanced graphic systems enable viewing of the LCD screen in 2D, 2.5D and 3D.

ARM Processor:  ARM11 MP Core

Silicon Supplier: NEC Electronics


  • Main features of the MPCore:
    CPU cores: ARM11 microprocessor architecture CPU x4.
    Built-in large-capacity primary cache memory.
    Instruction caches: 32K bytes per CPU.
    Data caches: 32K bytes per CPU.
    8-stage pipeline architecture with branching prediction and hold functions.
    One VFP coprocessor in each CPU.
    Maximum operation frequency: 400 MHz.
    Processing performance: 1920 DMIPS.
    System buses: Dual 64-bit AMBA3 AXI system buses.
    Cache coherency: Optimized MESI coherency protocol for improved processing efficiency.
  • Main features of the SGX535 (Graphics Processor Unit):
    Two universal scalable shader engines (USSEs) are builtin to enable programmable vertex and pixel processing.
    Tiling system for reduced memory band load.
    All of the 3D functions of OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL ES2.0 and DirectX9 built in.
    Multi-thread capability for simultaneous 2D/3D image drawing.
    Image drawing core performance at the highest level in the industry.
    Vertex processing performance: 15M polygons/sec.
    Pixel drawing performance: Approx. 800M pixels/sec. (considering the hidden image erasure effect).
    Source: NEC Technical Journal


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