mbed Microcontroller Kit

mbed Microcontroller Kit Image (View Larger mbed Microcontroller Kit Image) The mbed Microcontroller is a 32-bit ARM processor with a comprehensive set of peripherals and a built-in USB interface, all provided in a small and practical DIP package.


It is designed specifically to make ARM microcontrollers easily accessible for rapid prototyping and experimentation. Some of the features include:

  • 0.1" DIP pins so you can use it in breadboard, stripboard and through-hole pcbs
  • Powered via USB or an external power source
  • Re-program it like a FLASH drive; it appears as a USB disk, and you just drag on your .bin files
  • Has on-board LEDS, and provides a serial port over the USB connection to allow for printf-style debugging

ARM Processor Family: Cortex-M Series

ARM Processor: Cortex-M3 based

Silicon Supplier: NXP LPC1768

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