LSI Corporation LSISASx36 (SAS) Expander

LSI Corporation LSISASx36 (SAS) Expander Image (View Larger LSI Corporation LSISASx36 (SAS) Expander Image)

Description: The LSISASx36 is a 36-port 3 Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) expander with an integrated ARM processor for Enclosure Management and extended SAS SMP functions. This provides large storage environments the ability to connect multiple targets and initiators through a switched device for scalability and fault-tolerant path redundancy to improve system reliability.

ARM CPU:  ARM Powered

Silicon Supplier: LSI - LSISASx36


  • 36 fully-independent SAS and SATA ports
  • SSP, SMP, STP and SATA Protocol support
  • SSP Target and Initiator
  • SMP Target and Initiator
  • STP Target and Initiator
  • Supports 1.5 and 3 Gb/s SAS and SATA data transfer rates
  • Port independent auto-negotiation
  • Ports are non-denominational
  • Initiator or Target connect
  • Provides a low latency connection router with crossbar module to efficiently create and maintain connections
  • Direct, Subtractive decode, and Table routing methodologies supported
  • Provides a scalable interface that supports up to 1024 SAS addresses
  • Supports wide and narrow port configurations
  • Allows re-use of routing table resources across all of the phys composing a wide port
  • Allows any number of phys for wide port support
  • Phy-based Zoning for system security
  • SATA/SAS HDD spin-up sequencing, configurable on a per-phy basis
  • SGPIO (SFF-8485) support provides additional data modulation for blink rates and blink patterns
  • 8 GPIO pins
  • 3 LEDs per phy
  • Link Status, Drive Activity, Fault LEDs outputs
  • Can be used as GPIOs
  • Integrated ARM Processor
  • SEP functionality
  • Drive management
  • Extended SAS SMP functions
  • Internal 8KB ROM can be used for boot-options
  • External interface support
  • Flash or SRAM memory
  • Flash for boot option
  • SRAM for overflow ARM processor code
  • EEPROM interface for nonvolatile storage of hardware configuration
  • External EEPROM not needed if internal ROM is used for boot options
  • Three I2C interfaces
  • One I2C interface dedicated to communication with external SEP
  • Two I2C interfaces for connecting external sensors
  • UART support for serial debugging
  • Supports JTAG testing
  • Diagnostic capability
  • Manufacturing utilities
  • Integration utilities
  • Individual phy power management
  • 672 FPBGA package, 27 x 27 mm, 0.13um Gflx process technology
  • Software Development Kit
  • Common programming model for internal and external processor support
  • API with sample code to implement enclosure management

Source: LSI Corporation


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