ARM in Mobile

We are living in a post PC era where mobile devices are at the centre of our lives. ARM is the market leader in providing processor IP and other key building blocks that enable the majority of mobile compute devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The market defining ARM Cortex®-A 32-bit and 64-bit processors are at the heart of the mobile application processors. ARM Mali™ graphics and video processors are delivering the most power efficient and visually stunning user experiences on the latest high resolution displays. ARM big.LITTLE™ technology enables maximum processing performance whilst maximizing the battery life, bringing the most energy efficient mobile devices to the market today.

Under the hood you will find ARM Cortex-R real time processors enabling the LTE-Advanced mobile internet and ARM Cortex-M deeply embedded ultra-low energy processors are powering applications such as WiFi, Bluetooth LE and touch screen controllers.

ARM licenses its market leading mobile IP to the world's leading semiconductor companies. ARM's business model drives diversity in products spanning all markets; from high end premium devices, mid-tier mainstream, emerging entry level as well as the new and fast emerging wearable segment. Since the majority of smartphone, tablets and wearables run on the ARM architecture it brings the most widely adopted standard in processors maximizing software compatibility across all major mobile operating systems such as Android™, Android Wear, Chrome OS, Windows Phone and Firefox OS to name but a few.

ARM IP offers the flexibility needed to address all market segments. The comprehensive range of ARM Cortex processors and ARM Mali GPUs coupled with ARM big.LITTLE technology offers the ability for Silicon partners to precisely target the needs of particular markets and product categories without the need to compromise on cost, power or performance.

ARM Trustzone® technology brings hardware enabled security to mobile. In todays connected world consumers need to know that their data is secure and applications such as contactless payments, mobile banking and secure content distribution drive the need to the heart of the device. Since ARM Trustzone is built from the hardware up it guarantees; security and peace of mind, enabling the trusted mobile economy.

Premium devices use leading edge technology bringing the highest user experience to consumers. Ultra high resolution displays, immersive gaming, image recognition and augmented reality are all possible. Energy efficient 64-bit ARM Cortex CPUs deliver engaging user experiences whilst not compromising on battery life. ARM Mali GPUs bring visually stunning and immersive gaming to ultra high definition devices.

Advanced compute capability such as GPGPU brings compelling new features to mobile devices that were previously the preserve of traditional platforms. Photo and video editing, advanced image recognition and augmented reality rendering are now all possible on your mobile device.

Gigabit connectivity such as WiGIG can bring up to 7Gbps connectivity, this is driving new use cases like wireless docking and high speed content sharing. ARM Cortex-R family of processors can be found at the heart of the wireless broadband revolution, enabling Gigabit connectivity and rapid content sharing.

ARM’s market leading IP spans all form factors and device types from smartphones and 'phablets' through to ultra-high definition tablets and clamshell devices bringing you the connected, always-on mobile experience.


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