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Rewards & Benefits

ARM offers salaries that are competitive in local markets. Base salaries are enhanced by stock awards (Restricted Stock Units - RSUs), which ensure that employees have a stake in the future of the company and can benefit when the company performs well. But much more than that, we're committed to ensuring every employee has a deeper sense of ownership, and are rewarded for their contribution to our collective success over the long-term.


In addition to the standard annual leave entitlement (varying from location to location), employees are given a paid sabbatical of one month every four years. Employees are allowed to use the sabbatical for whatever they choose. So, if you want to broaden your mind through travel or simply just spend some more time with your family and friends, we allow you the time to have those experiences. We believe a happy individual will be successful and motivated within the workplace.

Investing in Your Future

As a leader in our field, ARM is somewhere you can expect to stretch yourself intellectually through challenging work. To stay ahead of the competition we all need to learn and develop continuously. To support this lifelong education, we provide a variety of on the job and formal training opportunities, aiming to promote and enable the development of everyone.

Health & Well-being

We take employee health and well-being extremely seriously. No matter where they are in the world, we’ll provide a number of benefits focused on promoting and maintaining the health of employees – sometimes extending those benefits to employees’ families.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package, with particular emphasis on equity as well as a strong focus on personal development. We want to work with smart people – people who want to improve, be challenged, transform the future of the digital world, and share our passion and the benefits of our work to all.

We believe that equity is an excellent way of rewarding staff for high performance, as it allows you to have a stake in the success of the company. Equity ownership helps staff feel more engaged and it is another demonstration of our Core Values. It’s part of what makes us different.

Unique benefits, such as a paid sabbatical every four years, are our way of giving back to staff and rewarding them for their hard work. With innovation at the core of the business, individuals who perform to a consistently high level are recognized and rewarded accordingly – through, for example, patent and white paper awards. Our unique team-based culture drives collaboration and fosters individual contribution in an excellent working environment.

The benefits that we offer may vary from country to country.

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    • Competitive salary
    • Annual bonus
    • Paid vacation
    • Purchase additional vacation days
    • Sabbatical - additional leave every four years
    • Relocation package
    • Restricted Stock Units
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    Rewarding Innovation

    • Cash reward for ideas accepted by the Patents Review Committee
    • Cash reward for each published white paper
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    • Medical, dental and vision coverage
    • Retirement plans
    • Private travel insurance
    • Group life assurance


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