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ARM is at the heart of our digital lives

The world's leading semiconductor intellectual property (IP) supplier

Technology is increasingly connecting our world, and as data levels soar, new ways and standards need to be found to ensure seamless communication - ARM is at the heart of our digital lives, enabling standards that will benefit intelligence, embedded and connected, everywhere.

Transforming Lives... A Better World, All Together

We see a world where billions of people can collaborate and connect every day. We provide efficient, low-power chip intelligence making affordable, easy-to-use electronic innovations come to life.


Sharing and Engaging

Our technology powers over 95% of smartphones. It breaks down the barriers of time and space, enabling limitless sharing of people’s lives to transform the way we communicate, work and play.


Smart Systems Everywhere

ARM technology lowers the barriers to development of intelligent, connected and aware electronics. It enables innovative, powerful and efficient devices to smartly manage our natural resources.


Imagine a World

As our physical and digital worlds merge, we believe everyone and everything will benefit from the use of intelligent ARM technology… A better world, all together.


Enabling a Standard

Our scalable architecture plus our partners’ system-on-chip expertise enables a diversity of integrated, power-efficient chips. Over 125 ARM-powered products ship every second of every day.



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