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Low power leadership

ARM designs chips that create great performance from a range of products but at the same time consume very little power. Our chip designs can be found in tablets, mobiles, cars, sensors in lighting and white goods – that’s why we are the architects of the digital world.

ARM Technology Driving Innovation

ARM’s partner-led business model means we design and license IP to many of the leading global technology brands to enable innovation – such as Samsung, Broadcom, NVIDIA, Huawei, and HTC – and support the growth of the five billion people connected in the world today. Our research teams are working now on technologies that will be commonplace in the next five to ten years, but that we haven’t even seen yet as consumers!


ARM-powered products ship every second of every day.
Over the next few years, up to one billion more people will get their first mobile phone or tablet and become “connected.” Imagine a world where all technology can seamlessly connect; and, access to this technology can drive economic opportunity for the next billion to come online and get connected. Today, a developer working with games or creating the next Internet of Things application or service can do that because of ARM. “All you need today is a low cost debugger device and you have everything you need to develop software for thousands of devices.”

ARM is at the heart of unlocking the potential of new and innovative technologies that will underline the expansion of technology.

The Next Billion

ARM is enabling the mobile Internet by putting more mobile technologies in the hands of the next billion mobile users. Mobile is affecting how 6 billion people live their lives, giving them tools to become innovators or entrepreneurs – making the mobile internet the most important technology most impacting the world to date.

  • More than 1.1 billion people are currently using smartphones and tablets.
  • Another 2-3 billion people soon to join the connected and global economy by 2025.
  • Beyond mobile - mobile Internet is also being offered in new formats such as wearable technologies.
  • By 2025, nearly 80% of all Internet connections could be through mobile devices.
  • The mobile is the strongest ever attachment to any type of technology – a recent study cited people would prefer to leave home without their wallet over their smartphone.


ARM is at the leading edge of creating a de facto standard in energy efficient design. If you want to play your music for days not hours, or experience gaming like a console on your mobile. then the manufacturer who created your mobile will be using big.LITTLE. big.LITTLE saves up to 70% processor energy consumption in common workload tasks such as instant browser, while delivering console-quality gaming.

ARM enables standards, working closely with the semiconductor ecosystem to ensure that silicon chip designers can quickly create low-power, high-performance chips and OEMs can develop complex programs using third-party and in-house operating systems.

ARM and its Partners are creating a path towards unimaginable connections in the Internet of Things, as they drive to develop smart, low-power technology that increasingly connects our lives, while shaping a cleaner, greener future for us and future generations.


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