Design your chip to meet your specific requirements

Whether you are a seasoned silicon developer or a product designer at a manufacturing company (OEM) and ‘just want a chip’ to replace your existing discrete components, ARM and our ecosystem partners are here to provide the technology and services to help you access the benefits that custom chips provide.

Why custom SoCs?

Custom SoCs typically integrate a processor along with analog functionality to create a unique integrated chip that is often smaller, lower cost and lower power than discrete alternatives. They offer increased functionality and differentiation, and are a powerful way to protect from copying of end products, as they are much harder to clone than printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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Unlock the potential of custom SoCs

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ARM offers the simplest route to custom SoC design – no matter your experience

ARM - DesignStart - The most supported path to custom SoCs

Fastest, no-risk access to proven and trusted industry-leading processor IP

ARM offers a comprehensive solution of highly-integrated, industry-proven Cortex processors, subsystems, system IP and Artisan physical IP for the ideal compute platform. You can also choose to fast track your SoC design by using a range of SoC design products. These include fully validated CoreLink System Design Kits and free system guidance packages. Integrate your analog and sensor IP for smaller, lower-cost, lower-power and more capable custom SoCs.

ARM DesignStart offers the fastest, simplest route to proven IP. Products available include the industry-leading Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 processors, which are available for commercial development with no upfront license fee, just a success-based royalty model.

ARM offers more than a CPU

ARM offers custom SoC assistance services to help companies who are new to custom SoCs (and simply ‘just want a chip’) or who need to supplement their in-house skills. ARM helps companies access the full spectrum of design services through ARM Approved design service partners – whether complete turn-key designs, where finished, packaged, tested chips are supplied; or whether supplemental services, to complete a customer’s own design team.

Access the tools, support and expertise you need through the ARM ecosystem

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Reduce time-to-market

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Lower your development risk

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Optimize your design

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Utilize the most proven route to silicon

ARM offers a comprehensive IoT solution

Custom SoCs play an essential part in the growth of The Internet of Things (IoT). IoT solutions are much more than creating a chip, however; security, power efficiency, standard-based communications and scalability are essential.

ARM technology is used across the IoT, whether being connected using ARM Cordio radio IP, powered by ARM Cortex processors, or secured with ARM TrustZone technology. The ARM mbed IoT Device Platform enables the creation, connection and management of IoT devices at scale.

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Why others choose ARM for custom SoCs

"ARM DesignStart is the ideal starting point for a custom SoC – being able to use both the Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 CPUs with a $0 license, just a success-based, royalty-only model, means that our customers can save on costs and reduce risk. Providing these in a verified subsystem allows our developers to concentrate on creating the value-add in the custom SoC, with the fastest time-to-market."

~ John Tinson, VP Global Sales, Sondrel

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