Annual Report and Accounts 2010

Partnership in action

ARM is part of the R&D team for hundreds of semiconductor companies, as they license our technology and build it into their products.

Here five companies explain why they have chosen to partner with ARM.

Samsung and TSMC are long-established semiconductor companies initially working with our processors, and are now utilising ARM’s graphics and physical IP. Calxeda, Energy Micro and Nufront are recent partners deploying multiple ARM technologies in their first products.


tsmc company

Dr. Shang-yi Chiang, Senior Vice President of R&D at TSMC describes their partnership with ARM that develops physical IP across TSMC’s process nodes extending to 20nm

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samsung company

Chinhyun Kim, vice president of System LSI SOC Development at Samsung Electronics, on their adoption of ARM’s Mali 3D graphics processor technology

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Calxeda company

Barry Evans, CEO of Calxeda, on how they are utilising ARM’s processor and physical IP to create low-power chips for server applications

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Nufront CSC

Nufront Notebook

Vince Zhou, General Manager at NUFRONT CSC on their adoption of ARM’s Cortex-A9 processor and Mali multi-core graphics processor technology, and high-performance Physical IP

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Energy Micro

Energy Micro company

Geir Førre, President and CEO at Energy Micro on their adoption of ARM’s Cortex-M3 processor technology

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