Annual Report and Accounts 2010

  • 20/20 vision

    Sony BRAVIA

    ARM was 20 years old in 2010. Here the ARM executive team discuss the journey the company has been on for the last two decades and how ARM may benefit as current trends unfold between now and 2020.

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  • best technology

    best tehnology

    Founder and Chief Technical Officer Mike Muller explains how serendipity combined with the power constraints of a battery has led to ARM developing smart, low-power processors that are now suitable for a broadening range of consumer electronics.

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  • a model business

    a model business

    ARM has developed a business model designed to deliver sustainable long-term growth. COO Graham Budd describes why the model is increasingly relevant in today’s semiconductor industry.

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  • eco friendly

    eco friendly

    The ARM partnership is an ecosystem of hundreds of companies that have built their business around ARM technology. Ian Drew, EVP of Marketing, explains how ARM develops this ecosystem and why it is so important to ARM’s long-term success.

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  • the ideas lab

    the ideas lab

    ARM’s ability to create value comes from its employees developing and delivering IP that is useful to its customers. Tudor Brown explains how a shared vision and mission helped ARM to become the world leader in semiconductor IP and are still at the heart of the company today.

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  • forward momentum

    Forward momentum

    ARM is well positioned as global trends drive the use of technology into the lives of billions of people. Warren East, CEO, explains how these trends will benefit ARM and could lead to 100 billion ARM-technology based chips being shipped over the next ten years.

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Financial highlights

$631.3m 2010 Revenue Read More >

Key performance indicators

743 Licences in place 2010 Read More >

How ARM makes money

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  • tsmc-company


    Dr. Shang-yi Chiang, Senior Vice President of R&D at TSMC describes their partnership ...

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  • amsung company


    Chinhyun Kim, vice president of System LSI SOC Development at Samsung Electronics, on their ...

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  • Calxeda company


    Barry Evans, CEO of Calxeda, on how they are utilising ARM’s processor and physical IP to ...

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  • Nufront CSC company

    Nufront CSC

    Vince Zhou, General Manager at NUFRONT CSC on their adoption of ARM’s Cortex-A9 processor ...

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  • Energy Micro company

    Energy Micro

    Geir Førre, President and CEO at Energy Micro on their adoption of ARM’s Cortex-M3 processor ...

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