Annual Report and Accounts 2010

25Financial contingencies


It is common industry practice for licensors of technology to offer to indemnify their licensees for loss suffered by the licensee in the event that the technology licensed is held to infringe the intellectual property of a third party. Consistent with such practice, the Group provides such indemnification to its licensees but subject, in all cases, to a limitation of liability. The obligation for the Group to indemnify its licensees is subject to certain provisos and is usually contingent upon a third party bringing an action against the licensee alleging that the technology licensed by the Group to the licensee infringes such third party’s intellectual property rights. The indemnification obligations typically survive any termination of the licence and will continue in perpetuity.

The Group does not provide for any such guarantees unless it has received notification from the other party that they are likely to invoke the guarantee. The provision is made if both of the following conditions are met: (i) information available prior to the issuance of the financial statements indicates that it is probable that a liability had been incurred at the date of the financial statements; and (ii) the amount of the liability can be reasonably estimated. Any such provision is based upon the directors’ estimate of the fair value of expected costs of any such claim.