Annual Report and Accounts 2010

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The ARM partnership is an ecosystem of hundreds of companies that have built their business around ARM technology. Ian Drew, EVP of Marketing, explains how ARM develops this ecosystem and why it is so important to ARM’s long-term success.

Ian Drew

The ARM business model requires multiple companies to work together to deliver power efficient products to the industry and ultimately to consumers. Our ecosystem is a connected community of hundreds of companies developing their products and services around ARM technology. These companies include semiconductor manufacturers, design automation and tools providers, and operating system and application software vendors. It is the quality and breadth of these companies that determine ARM’s ability to rapidly penetrate new markets. In 2010 we have expanded the geographical reach of our partnership to include the most talented and innovative companies in countries such as Brazil and Russia, as well as expanding within more established regions, such as Europe, USA and China.

Whenever we enter a new market, we identify the partnerships needed to create a supporting ecosystem.

My marketing team spends much of its time building and maintaining these partnerships, ensuring that everyone sees the opportunity from which we can all benefit. For example, the success of mobile internet-connected devices has extended the range of Partners that ARM works with to include major browser and plug-in developers, gaming companies and tools vendors. I’m always pleased to see the latest generation of tablets, smartphones and smartbooks come to market combining ARM’s advanced processors and physical IP with our Partners’ latest technology.

A strong partnership also strengthens ARM’s competitive position. Any new entrant into a market will have to make a huge investment to create an ecosystem as rich and diverse as the ARM partnership.

The ARM partnership is vital to ARM’s long-term success. The key to creating and maintaining a thriving ecosystem is for all our Partners to see an opportunity to succeed, so that we can all benefit together.

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