Using the Sensinode™ Trademark


Please use the above trademark in accordance with the ARM Trademark Use Guidelines.
Approved nouns:





Use format:

ARM® Sensinode [Product Name] [Approved Noun]
e.g. ARM® Sensinode NanoService Client software

Always use the Sensinode trademark preceded by the ARM trademark in first use, i.e. ARM® Sensinode. You do not have to use the ARM trademark in each subsequent use of the Sensinode trademark.

Notice: ARM is a registered trademark of ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and/or elsewhere. Sensinode is a trademark of ARM Limited in the EU and/or elsewhere. All rights reserved.

Use Examples for Sensinode Trademark

Example Correct use Incorrect use
#1 ARM®  Sensinode NanoService Client software ARM®  sensinode NanoService Client software
#2 ARM®  Sensinode NanoMesh software 

ARM®  sensinode NanoMesh software 

#3 ARM®  Sensinode NanoRouter software  ARM®  sensinode NanoRouter software
#4 ARM®  Sensinode NanoService software  ARM®  sensinode NanoService software 
#5 ARM®  Sensinode NanoService Developer software  ARM®  sensinode NanoService Developer software 
#6 ARM®  Sensinode NanoService Edge software  ARM®  sensinode NanoService Edge software 
#7 ARM®  Sensinode NanoService Platform software  ARM®  sensinode NanoService Platform software 
#8 ARM®  Sensinode NSP software  ARM®  sensinode NSP software 
#9 ARM®  Sensinode NanoStack software  ARM®  sensinode NanoStack software 
#10 ARM®  Sensinode Reference Applications app ARM®  sensinode Reference Applications app
#11 ARM®  Sensinode NodeView application  ARM®  sensinode NodeView application


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