Real-Time and Embedded Computing Conference (RTECC) Chicago




Chicago, IL


12 September 2013



Visit ARM® and Keil™ at the Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference (RTECC), a single-day complimentary event with technical and educationally focused seminars, workshops, keynotes and exhibits. RTECC focuses on the latest technologies from industry leaders, with demonstrations in the exhibition hall and in breakout sessions. At this event, we will be demonstrating the latest features in Keil and ARM embedded development tools:
  • The ARM DS-5™ toolchain including the Streamline Performance Analyzer and Energy Probe for system wide power and performance optimization
  • The new ULINKpro Debug and Trace unit for ARM® Cortex™-M Systems
  • The new features of uVison4 IDE/Debugger in MDK-ARM
  • The middleware features of MDK Professional Edition with TCP/IP Networking, Flash File System, CAN and USB Host and Device Interfaces

Location Details Coming Soon!

Session:  The ARM Processor Roadmap Deciphered 
Speaker:  Kevin Bernhardt, Product Specialist, ARM  

  • Does the large number of ARM® processors confuse you?
  • What is an ARM7™ compared to the Cortex™-M3?
  • How does the Cortex-M4 fit in?
  • Moreover, why don’t ARM processors need heatsinks?
  • What features are attracting everyone to ARM?

The number of ARM 32-bit processors available is quite extensive. Ranging from the 12,000 gate Cortex-M0 to the multi-core Cortex-A15, ARM has a processor for every need. With the recently announced 64-bit processors, ARM heads into new territory - which cores can run Linux, Android, Windows and other operating systems and where to obtain each processor will be discussed. The relationship between ARM processor names and their architectures, as well as the big.LITTLE concept and much more, are on the agenda. For additional information or to register for this event, please visit the RTECC website.


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